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The command line contents is not lost.  It appears again when you return 
from the subshell.  Command lines for mc and subshell are separate.  You 
can use cut-and-paste with the mouse to copy between them.

So my questions are:

- is there any special reason for these two command lines to be separate?

- even if there IS a reason, can anyone please suggest a patch that would simply automatically copy between 
these command lines when you switch from one to the other? (of course only if it's not possible to just make 
it one instead of two, which would be preferable)

In fact the idea of having two command lines in one program is VERY counterintuitive, I think there can 
hardly be any arguing about that. The most likely reason for a user to hide the panels is to be able to see 
the output of a command, not to run a "subshell". 

After all I do have a shell already with panels, why do I need another one?

And the menu command says nothing about any subshell - it promises to "switch panels on/off". If it does 
anything else, this is just wrong.

Finally, if there's no way to fix this as it is, can i at least reduce the vertical size of the panels so i 
can see a few lines of output above the command line? this way i could do without switching panels off so the 
subshell business would not be a problem anymore.

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