VFS, Fish, crash - additional info

First - about 4.5.55.
1. I tried to
cd /#sh:ip.addr:/tmp/
The same effect - segmentation fault.
2. When mc crashes, it doesn't restore my terminal settings (for example, 
enter doesn't begin a new line)
3. I attach last few lines of output of strace (hope this list accepts 
4. After run gdb -e mc, and exexuting such command:
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
0x400dcc4e in strstr () from /lib/libc.so.6
5. After terminal settings are gone, I cannot copy/paste backtrace of mc 
process (besides it hasn't got debugging symbols). Then `reset` and output is 
gone :)
6. Why in Debian, when I do `ulimit -c` I have "unlimited", but no core files 
are created in case of segmentation fault? :(

About 4.5.99a:
Something is very bad :(
cd /#sh:ip.address:
I get header on panel set properly, indicating that I am on remote shell, but 
my panel contains only slashes(?!). It looks like that:
When I enter any of these dirs, I am in directory from I executed "cd 

Robert Gomulka

Attachment: mc.output.gz
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