Re: VFS, Fish, crash

Hi, Robert!

I've just found that mc supports file transfer via ssh ;) That's great :)
I have one place, which gives me segmentation fault when I try to connect.
I enter
cd /#:ip.address:
(username is the same here and there)
Then everything looks well, I get question about passphrase to my ssh key, 
then last message I can see is:
fish: Reading directory ...
Segmentation fault

It would be nice to debig it in gdb, at least run "where" after it 
crashes.  Of course, debugging the current version would be more useful.

Little tip: it's easier to debug mc in gdb if you use flags -a (ascii
preudographics), -b (black/white) and -u (no subshell) - you are less
likely to end up with unreadable text in gdb.

There are the newest debian ssh versions on both sides, 3.4p1-2.
It doesn't crash when I connect from the same place to different hosts.

Try connecting to that host, but to a different directory.  You can add 
directory name after the hostname.

What do you think?
I'll try to get and compile mc snapshot and see if that happens.

Yes, that would be a good idea.  I committed a patch yesterday that fixes 
upload of large files to fish.

Pavel Roskin

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