Re: error in file Syntax on line 36


Hello again,
now my mc 4.5.55 work fine, after configure keys. But litte problem.
When i put F4 to edin file, mc say : Error in file
/home/user/.cedit/Syntax on line 36.
If i comment this line edit work fine and colorised source but if not
... edit not colorised.
I search any faq or help for this litte problem but not found. My mc
work fine under OpenBSD 3.0 i386.

I think I fixed it after the release of 4.5.55.  From edit/ChangeLog:

2001-09-04  Pavel Roskin  <proski gnu org> 
        * syntax.c (syntax_text): Remove useless ']' in the Perl and
        Python rules.  Change shell script rule to use more portable
        regular expression.

Currently the regular expression for shell scripts is:

file ..\*\\.sh$ Shell\sScript ^#!\s\*/.\*/([a-z]?|ba|pdk)sh

How i fix this?

Either edit this line in the Syntax file or upgrade to the current 

Pavel Roskin

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