Re: Viewing PDFs or DOC files


Browsing my fat partition (guess the OS.. ;-)   using the terrific mc
application, I tried to view first a PDF doc and a few minutes after, a DOC

I don't want to guess.  I know at least 10 operating systems that support
FAT (DOS, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BeOS,
OS/2, QNX).

Neither do I want to guess the version on Midnight Commander you are
using.  You really should read these documents if you want to report any
other problems:

Mc sayed in red window: "pdf-to-text not found" and then, with the doc file
"doc-to-text" not found....

The CVS version of MC doesn't contain strings "pdf-to-text" of 

Is there any tool to view PDFs y DOCs files using mc ?

The same tools as without mc, namely xpdf, gv and Acrobat Reader.

If you mean the text mode, then you need pdftotext that is included with
the software, which name you are should guess (hint: one of those three).

Pavel Roskin

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