Re: [Zope] mc-ftp crashes zope

>> when i connect with the gnu-midnight-commander (mc) to my zope-ftp-port
>> (8021), zope crashes if i submit a wrong login.
>> this happens on linux (zope 2.4.3, mc 4.5.51) and freebsd (zope 2.4.1,
>> mc 4.5.54), so i think it must be a problem of zope...
>> ftping with a normal client works well...
>> what's wrong with zope and midnight-commander?

> I have no problem under Debain GNU/Linux Woody with about the same
> version numbers (mc 4.5.55, zope 2.4.2).

I can confirm this, it's been bothering me for a few months now. It looks like there's something wrong in both MC and Zope. I am cross-posting to the MC list too ( ).

I'm using MC 4.5.55 and Zope 2.4.3, and this has been going on at least from
MC 4.5.51 and Zope 2.3.1 , on Linux Slackware 7.1 and now 8.0 .

> By the way I stoped using mc-ftp because Kernel ftpfs is much more
> transparent and works great!

How does one enable this? I cannot see it in /proc/filesystems .

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