Re: midnight commander

Hi, Ali!

i am using CVS of midnightcommander and recently i am detecting that
when using MC to enter *.zip files it always add CRAP inside the archive
i doubt that this is wanted. here is a file attached that got this stuff
added. i think you like a review of this.

I tried and cound not reproduce the problem with the CVS version of MC 
and unzip 5.42.  Actually, I don't know what you mean under CRAP.

if you unpack the archive or enter it with midnightcommander you figure
out what is strange. i only detect this happen with zipfiles that were
made on non-unix like systems.

I don't see anything strange except a funny name of the last file, but I 
fail to see why it's could be considered a fault of MC.

Next time please write to the mailing list.  I have no time to discuss 
public projects privately.

Pavel Roskin

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