Re: F3/F4 display error?

Hi, Ron!

  While 1.2 and 1.5 are viewed, when I press F3 the status bar displays
66 bytes, pressing F4 (HEX view) 66, 0A's are displayed.  The other pane set
to `info' is correct.  It looks like the file name effects the F3/F4 display.

It's because files ending with dot number are considered manual pages.  
They are run through nroff.  I believe that nroff just fills the page to
be 66 lines long for some historic reasons (e.g. to make a complete page
on printers with perforated paper).

If you use F13 instead of F3, then the file will be shown as is.  F13 is 
usually mapped to Shift-F3, but it may be Shift-F1 on the Linux console in 
some locales.

Pavel Roskin

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