Re: How Duplicate SourceForge Black on White Midnight Commander?

 I think it's kinda sad a user needs to know several terminal-details to
understand how this works. And too bad I don't have a clue as to how it
could be made simpler :(

On Mon, Dec 31, 2001 at 11:02:27AM -0500, Randy Kramer wrote:
Björn Eriksson wrote:
 Dare I suggest 'konsole -e ssh localhost'?


Thanks very much for the reply.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to help,
although I may be doing something incorrectly.  I tried running the
command both from within kde/konsole and from a virtual terminal. 
Neither worked.

From within kde/konsole, I got messages like (typos possible, as I typed
into my Windows box from my Linux box):

QObject::connect: Cannot connect KAction::activated() to Konsole::(null)
konsole: WARNING: Could not find schema named

 This might be interesting; try sending a dump from your Linux box.

 But this:

From a virtual terminal, I got messages like:

konsole: cannot connect to X server

I'll try shutting down kde and then running the command from a virtual

No, that didn't help -- still can't find X server.

 is not pertinent. (You should read up on X and $DISPLAY. Start with the
X manpage.)


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