Re: Midnight Commander suggestions

Hi, Aleksander!

1. In the find dialog, during a search in progress, if ESC is pressed 
the search is aborted and the dialog is closed. Expected behaviour would 
be to stop the search, but leave the dialog open with search results up 
to date visible. In other words, ESC should work like the 'Suspend' 
button in the find dialog

Actually, single ESC works as "Suspend" in the CVS version of MC.  But 
it's rather a bug than a feature.

I don't think that ESC should suspend the search.  This button is 
traditionally used to close the current dialog in the text-based 

2. During file operations such as copying or moving, ESC aborts the 
opertaion. However, the response is far form instant (unlike using cp 
-R, then pressing ^C... but we use mc to not have to cope with cp, mv 
and the likes...). It seems that only the copy operation can't easily 
aborted, as removing is aborted instantly.

I'm adding it to my TODO list, but it basically means nothing.  I'm now to
busy even to reply to the personal e-mails fast.  If you or somebody else
make a patch that won't require hours to understand and recheck, I'll
gladly apply it.

Pavel Roskin

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