Re: select file does not high light


Please copy to the list.  I don't have time to answer any e-mail about MC
personally, and if you use private e-mail, nobody will answer you.

    MC version:

    I am using xterm, this is 'mc -V'

Three possibilities:

1) Your xterm misinterprets the requests to highlight text.
Try running MC on rxvt (

2) Your xterm uses exactly the same font for normal and highlighted text.
Try "xterm -fn 9x15 -fb 9x15b" and run "mc -b" in it.

3) MC is confused by your terminfo and doesn't set highlighted attribute.
Try "mc -c" - maybe your xterm supports color?

     I suspect there are some problems with my
or termcap. I already download new termcap and
and save them under my ~/local/lib and ~/local/share

You could check and see if there is any difference.

Pavel Roskin

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