Re: Midnight Commander home page

Hi, Nate!

Sorry for inconvenience.

I managed to grab the CVS but was unable to build it - it complained,
something like:

autoheader:  shell error sourcing /tmp/aXXXX/

or something similar.

Please copy the exact error message and the output of 
"autoheader --version"

You can you the snapshot - it doesn't require autoconf and automake.

Turns out I didn't need it anyways.  I wanted to recompile MC hoping it
would fix the mouse-in-ATerm problem.

This patch exists (if I understand your problem correctly), but I haven't
applied it yet.  You can try "mc -x" in the meantime.

Again, more info could be useful.

I suspect this is related to the -x function being broken as you or
someone else said in a web archive I ran across.

It was broken.  It's fixed now, but it will be removed soon.  Command line
options are not the right way to permanently fix MC behavior on certain

Pavel Roskin

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