Re: Midnight Commander home page

Hi, Nate!

Thank you for alerting me! has recently moved to another
machine and mc files have been lost :-(

I've restored the latest version and created another snapshot.  I hope
that the older versions will be eventually mirrored from
I'm copying them by hand in the meantime.

Sorry for inconvenience.

I managed to grab the CVS but was unable to build it - it complained,
something like:

autoheader:  shell error sourcing /tmp/aXXXX/

or something similar.

Turns out I didn't need it anyways.  I wanted to recompile MC hoping it
would fix the mouse-in-ATerm problem.

If I just use X-term it's fine, but Afterstep's Terminal, A-Term... mouse
doesn't work there, it just cuts/pastes.

I suspect this is related to the -x function being broken as you or
someone else said in a web archive I ran across.

Any ideas?

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