Re: problem with viewing large files

Hi Again Paval,

yeah i did mention the larger file ..thats why i found it little
confusing that it opened one but not the other, shift-f3 still gave me
that same error, but its good to know about that option.

Because i do data recovery and forensic stuff, i tend to deal with big
files alot so i'll do a little more testing in the morning and let you
know how i go.

thanks again

I have one file thats 3.7Gb:
-rw-rw-rw-    1 root     root     3721035776 Feb  7 15:46 tapedata_1.dat

When i go to view this file, mc bombs and gives me the following error:

GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate -573931520 bytes

At first i though this was an error with Glib and lfs, however i
have another file even larger:
-rw-rw-rw-    1 root     root     4789108736 Feb 11 11:42 tapedata.001

I can view this file with no problems in both ascii and hex and search
throught the binary with no problems.

On Wed, 20 Feb 2002, Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Adam!

I did use the large file option when I compiled mc, i could see the 4gb
file with no problems.

Your original message didn't mention 4gb files.  It mentioned a file
slightly below 4gb that mc could not view and a file slightly above 4gb
that mc could view (but we don't know if mc just shows the file's size
minus 4gb).

I suspects its a problem with the contents of the file (its a dgdump file
that was ment to be cpio).

It should be easy to determine.  Shift-F3 calls the viewer without
checking the contents of the file.  On the other hand, you could try to
open another file 3.7gb long.  You can use a sparse file to avoid filling
your hard drive with zeroes:

dd if=/dev/null of=bigfile bs=1M seek=3700

Actually, I tried to view the resulting file with the CVS version of MC
and got the same error, so your assumption about the file contents is
probably wrong, but you can check anyway - finding another bug won't hurt.

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