Re: Syntax highlighting on Cygwin


I first installed mc-4.5.55-1.tar.bz2, then compiled the latest CVS on
current Cygwin with --disable-dependency-tracking --disable-nls
--enable-charset --without-gpm-mouse --with-screen=ncurses
--without-ext2undel (yes, I know I don't need all these).

Sorry, I misread the above sentence.  I need to sleep more, but then I
would be unable to answer so many e-mails :-)

There were only 3 warnings, though I don't know if they're only
in Cygwin.

/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/edit/editcmd.c: In function `edit_refresh_cmd':
/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/edit/editcmd.c:174: warning: implicit declaration of function `do_refresh'

That's not Cygwin-specific.  I missed it in the test.  I don't know why 
do_refresh() is only needed with ncurses - looks like an ad-hoc solution.  
Anyway, I cannot check every line of code, so I'm adding the missing 
include file dialog.h.

I have added an additional test to maint/mctest script.  It will test the
editor with ncurses and most other features disabled.  I still cannot test
all combinations of options.

/usr/include/alloca.h:14: warning: `alloca' redefined
/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/src/poptalloca.h:18: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

poptalloca.h doesn't include alloca.h when gcc is used, but then alloca.h
is included from some other file.  This can be specific to Cygwin.

/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/src/layout.c: In function `init_curses':
/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/src/layout.c:604: warning: assignment of read-only location

That's quite bad.  It can disable "mc -a" if mc is compiled with ncurses.  
What's the version of ncurses?

As for the syntax highlighting, check if it's enabled in the editor
options.  With the CVS version, syntax highlighting is not optional in the
code - it's always compiled in.

Pavel Roskin

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