Syntax highlighting on Cygwin

I first installed mc-4.5.55-1.tar.bz2, then compiled the latest
CVS on current Cygwin with --disable-dependency-tracking
--disable-nls --enable-charset --without-gpm-mouse
--with-screen=ncurses --without-ext2undel (yes, I know I don't
need all these).

There were only 3 warnings, though I don't know if they're only
in Cygwin.

/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/edit/editcmd.c: In function `edit_refresh_cmd':
/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/edit/editcmd.c:174: warning: implicit declaration of function `do_refresh'

/usr/include/alloca.h:14: warning: `alloca' redefined
/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/src/poptalloca.h:18: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/src/layout.c: In function `init_curses':
/cygdrive/g/Linux/mc/src/layout.c:604: warning: assignment of read-only location

I don't get syntax highlighting. On Linux it works with
ncurses, as Pavel Roskin fixed it. Would it work with S-Lang ?

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