Re: 4.6.0-pre1: cpio errors on RPMs


So, is the problem between desk and chair, now?  ;-)

Not sure about that.  You reported that you had some problem and mentioned
error messages, but you failed to describe the problem so far.  To report
a problem do this:

1) Describe what you did (write "I pressed F3", NOT "I entered the file")
2) Describe what you expect to get ("I expect a listing to appear)
3) Describe what you got (quote error messages _exactly_, don't rephrase 

There was no reply to my last e-mail, not even in private.  That's very
characterisic for many users of Midnight Commander - as soon as there is
another way to do something (Enter vs. F3), nobody cares why the original
approach (pressing F3 on cpio archives) didn't work.

That's one of the reasons why some problems remain unfixed for years.  
And that, in turn, may be one of the reasons why so many bugreports for
Midnight Commander (compared to other projects) don't include its version
number - people think that nothing changes between versions after seeing
the same bugs over and over again!

Pavel Roskin

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