Re: more questions


Yes, but I can define reread to be called by F17 in the source,
recompile, and then define Ctrl-Insert to be F17. Awkward but "works for
me." Thanks for helping out!

Then it works for you and only for you.  Other users cannot benefit from
this change.

However, if the F11-F20 are just empty placeholders, I would love to see
them called in a more intuitive fashion. Also having more than 10 such
placeholders would be helpful. (And an ability to fully define keymaps
without having to recompile, of course...)

They are not empty placeholders.  F14 opens a new editor window when the
panels are active.  F17 continues search in the viewer and the editor.


name of the terminal

konsole from kde 3.0

Already in CVS.

 and whatever mc wrote to
~/.mc/ini after learning the keys)

for example:
alt-f7: \e\e[18~
ctrl-insert: \e[2~

I don't think mc could have written this.  Those keys are not redefinable

Besides, to process double escape reliably, mc should check modifiers
using X Window System (i.e. double escape without Alt is escape, double
escape with Alt is a start of a sequence), which is currently disabled by
default due to a problem with the current implementation that requires
linking mc against libX11.

Pavel Roskin

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