Re: MC on Solaris

Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Maksym!

Thank you for your information!  It's very important to know that MC can
be compiled by compilers other than gcc and that it compiles in 64-bit

I have just committed a patch that makes it possible to compile the CVS
version of MC on Solaris (tested on Intel Solaris 8 only).  Note that the
large file support is now default.

I'll appreciate if you check that the current snapshot from compiles on your systems.

Will try on weekend

I'm not surprized that MC without large file support has problems with
large files or "large sets" of files.

My point was that copy progress indicator behaves *identically* (with the same error) on large files/large groups of files *with* and *without* large files support (mc compiled with 64bit compiler)

Although I do not think this bug is crucial. (I'm happy to be able to see large files now)

I have no plans to fix it since
large file support is now default and people using --disable-largefile
should get what they want - less code and less emulated arithmetics.

Best regards,
Maksym Polyakov

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