Re: Problem with HPUX

Hello, Oliver!

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Oliver Otter wrote:

Hello together,
i would like to run the MidnightCommander under HPUX 11.11.
I installed all required Packages (glib, gttext, gtk+ etc.) but the mc
is not able to run.

gtk+ is not a required package for MC.  You must have been misled by
somebody or by some document.

Strictly speaking, gettext is not required either - you can compile MC
without NLS support or use option "--with-included-gettext" to the
"configure" script.

The only requirement is glib version 1.2.x.

By starting /opt/mc/bin/mc im getting the error: Error opening terminal:
dtterm :-(

There is no string "Error opening terminal" in the CVS version of GNU
Midnight Commander.

You forgot to mention the version of MC.  I believe that you should read
the following documents (they are harsh sometimes, but still very useful):

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, by Eric Raymond and Rick Moen:

How to Report Bugs Effectively, by Simon Tatham:

Can somebody help me ???

This question is answered in the first document :-)

Pavel Roskin

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