Re: Where is the FAQ for mc text release (triggered by "Warning: Couldn't change")


Sorry if this is not the right place to ask this question (see subject)
but my eye dind't catch any MC FAQ on gnome FAQ.

MC uses GNOME resourses on Internet, but it's not a part of the GNOME
project.  Only its GNOME frontend is.  Don't expect to find anything about
MC in the GNOME FAQ.

I just looked at the MC homepage and I was terrified how many errors I
missed when it was redesigned.  All those "graphical GUI" and "GNU Public
license" looked very unprofessional.  Thank you for drawing my attention
to the problem.

The link to FAQ will be added when I upload the fixed homepage.  The
address of FAQ is:

I browsed through the archives of this list looking for an answer to my
problem (in the brackets) and on page but without
I found solution at
But it seems to me this is some strange place for MC FAQ.

I cannot say that it's a strange place because the owners of are free to copy it.  But please don't trust old
versions of FAQ too much.

I really like mc and would like to have a pointer to this FAQ in case of
any problems.

Why to _this_ FAQ?  It should be a pointer to the _latest_ FAQ.

I had a problem with MC (4.5.55 on my Slackware Linux) saying "Warning:
Couldn't change..."
My "solution for now" was to change my default shell from tchs to bash.
I'm going to recompile tcsh and if the problem remains ask somebedy for
help with configuring mc to run under tcsh and with subshell support at
the same time.

It looks like a problem with the sequrity fix incorporated into 4.5.55.  I
see this question asked the first time, so it's not a part of FAQ.

Please specify the version of tcsh use are using.  Version of Slackware
may be useful too.

If you respond to this message note that I am not subscribed to this

I never rely on somebody being subscribed to the list and reading the
list.  It's a good idea to send copies to all interested partied and leave
it up to them to delete their copies.  It's easier than to "fakequote" a
message from the list archive, should that person be unsubscribed and
willing to reply.

Pavel Roskin

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