help and info files: mc 4.5.51


In the latest SuSE linux 7.2 (kernel 2.4.4)
both the mc (4.5.51) help file and the info (manpage) file says:

===================== start of quote ====================
M-y Moves to the previous directory in the history, equiv­              
alent to depressing the '<' with the mouse.
M-u Moves to the next directory in the history, equivalent                
to depressing the '>' with the mouse.  Displays the direc­              
tory  history,  equivalent  to depressing the 'v' with the                
====================== end of quote =====================

The keystroke for "directory history" is not given.  What should it be?

I hope the typo has been fixed in the latest mc 4.5.55, but I do not have it.

PS I'm logging into a Linux server via telnet from Windows.  I do not have
much knowledge to go and upgrade or modify the s/w on the Linux server.
I only know how to install a .rpm file - anything else is currently out of my
field of experience.

Ferdi             :-)
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