Going offline, further plans

Hello, all!

I'll probably be offline during the next few days because I'm moving to
New Jersey to start working for AT&T Labs.  Don't expect prompt replies
from me in the meantime.  Sorry for possible inconvenience.

Whoever has write access to CVS is encouraged to make commits provided 
that the explanations are sent to the list.

This is my .plan for MC.  Sorry, no time to add descriptions, but if you 
know what it's about, your help is welcome:

curses.h not checked for ncurses
ncurses and syntax highlighting
reimplement "-P" in a safer way (temp file instead of stdout), eliminate 
        use of ~/.mc/tmp
integrate RedHat and Debian patches, scan bugzilla
cannot change to '~'
result of "tar cz" doesn't "look like a tar archive"
terminal-dependent settings
automatically enable color with S-Lang
cannot enter remote RPMs on some systems - always add extention
report errors in fish operations - respect $?
implement logging
ksh support (or universal subshell based on unique cookies in PS1)
auto menu broken
full path in find file
fix exit from subshell in viewer and editor
use of is_printable() in the panels
separate charset support from character filtering
ftpfs reads ../.. for no reason - don't stat ".."
force full path to file in mc.ext (needed for gnome-moz-remote, 
        staroffice) - %lf %/f ?
copying to fish still causes errors
check smbfs+largefile
put all fallbacks for socket, fifo, doors into global.h

Pavel Roskin

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