MC for Win32 revival

Hi all,

I'm planing to revive the M$-Win32 port of the Midnight Commander.

During the past few years I did a little Development (based on 4.1.36), and 
realeased a binary Distribution.
(see )

The public interest seems quite OK - I have some 170 hits/week, and 
communication with some 30 active mc-users on Windows (95/98/NT/2000)

Currently I'm on the way to merge my changes with the latest mc-source, and 
try to make mc compile and link with mingw-gcc again.

In this context I have a few questions

1. Who else is interrested (or even active) in reviving the Win32 Port ?
1a. Any interrest in building mc with M$-VC++ or Borland C++ (otherwise I 
will only support mingw-gcc )

2. mc now uses glib - can anyone tell me (in short - one or two sentences) 
what this lib is good for ?  
(I'm trying to decide weather to remove the dependency on glib from MC for 
Win32, or to merge in the existing win32-glib-port which was done for the 

3. Being a native german-speaker I found that the german translation has some 
problems ( broken Hot-keys , translations too long to fit in Dialogs, 
misleading/unusual translations)
Who's currently maintaining the german translation ?

So, enough for today


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