Re: MC for Win32 revival

Hi, Zdzislaw!

Graphical shells are very well known in the DOS and Windows world with the 
most prominent Norton Commander in the lead (and I think that it isn't a 
coincidence that MC stands for Midnight Commander). 


Another one (IMO much better than NC) is FAR (File ARchiver).

Whoever then comes out with the idea of graphical shell for DOS/Windows 
should be aware of the existance of at least those two products.

I think it's true not only for DOS and Windows.  It's usually a good idea
to be compatible with other software (even for other platforms) when it
comes to user interface.

A question to Pavel. Back in 1990-91 I've been working with QNX very often 
with the help from some graphical shell. Could it be MC?

I don't think so.  The old ChangeLog for Midnight Commander starts in 
1994.  Also the copyright for the widget library (src/widget.c) starts in 

P.S. Please don't quote parts on the original message that are not
essential for your reply.

Pavel Roskin

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