Re: MC win32 Port

Am Samstag, 27. Oktober 2001 10:16 schrieb Pavel Roskin:
Hi, Franco!

I read this, and I agree with You.
On reason why I myself thought that mc were dead is that a message like
"mc-4.5.xx is the last official MC version - mc's development
discontinued" went throu our German Newstickers ( /

I tried and could not find those articles.  I think it's a result of
confusion between gmc (GNOME frontend) and GNU Midnight Commander (the
whole project, which is abbreviated and MC, not as gmc).

I looked - and could not find those Articles. Strange enough, I remember 
reading them. Only, it might have also been (only) some misleading text on 
the GNOME homepage, or even on the old MC-hompage. 
The old MC-hompage ( indeed was broken - I remember that 
links to mc's source did no longer work, and the whole thing made a rather 
abandonned impression.

The development of gmc is indeed discontinued.  The development of mc is
not.  If you find the links I'll explain them that they are wrong.

I already made a little "MC's not dead" message for the German Linux-Magazin, 
we'll see if they'll forward it.

I'll also consider adding some exlanation to the MC homepage if the
articles are indeed misleading.  It's very unfortunate that uninformed
"Newstickers" are harming our project.

I can not find any proof - maybe my personal memory is broken. ( am I getting 

Please use the mailing list for MC related-messages.  You can find the
mailing list information at

Fine.  You must have seen my disclaimer about forwarding personal e-mail
to the mailing list.  There is nothing private in this discussion.  Other
people should have a chance to comment.



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