Re: FiSH Connection fails : mc freezing


I cannot connect with mc to any host using the fish virtual file system over
ssh, as mc freezes when requesting the users password.

fish does not suuport password auth because ssh always reads passwd from /ddev/tty.
Fixssh to acceptt passwd from stdin, and we an fix mc.

Actually, there is a good reason why ssh uses /dev/tty.  The standard
channels (stdout, stdin, stderr) are connected to the remote program

Yep, I know there are good reasons.

It is possible to control /dev/tty of ssh if it's run in a pseudoterminal,
similar to how MC runs the subshell.  Still it will require that mc

Yep, I know. It seemed too much trouble.

interprets the output of ssh somehow.  Maybe MC could capture all output
until ssh runs the fish server _or_ asks for the password/passphrase, but
I envision problems with making it secure and reliable.

Another solution would be to hide the panels and run ssh on the same tty
as MC.  The panels would be restored when the remote fish server answers.
This would not be pretty, but it would completely eliminate the need to
redirect /dev/tty and capture/feed anything.

If you can do this in 10 lines, do it.
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