Re: FiSH Connection fails : mc freezing


I cannot connect with mc to any host using the fish virtual file system over 
ssh, as mc freezes when requesting the users password:" appears, the remote 
host logs a ssh connection attempt, but I cans key.

When killing mc, the following lines appear in /var/log/auth.log (this was a 
connection attempt to localhost) :

Sep 29 13:25:05 test sshd[5202]: Connection closed by
Sep 29 13:25:05 test PAM_unix[5202]: (ssh) session closed for user hpstr
Sep 29 13:25:05 test sshd[5202]: PAM pam_putenv: delete non-existent entry; 

The system that i mainly tried on is running Debian potato, Kernel 2.2.19 
with the Openwall patch, Debian packages ssh 2.3.0p1-0.11, mc 4.5.42-11 and 
bash 2.03-6.

As the Openwall patch restricts file operations in /tmp, I tested on another 
plain vanilla potato system with the original Debian Kernel 2.2.17, same 
result. A newer mc version from debian testing/unstable (dont give me any clue.

Do I have to use any compile time options (found nothing documented), or what 
could be the problem ?
Not only solutions, but any tips to hunt down the problem are welcome, too.

Could someone running mc and ssh maybe check if it works his system ?
(Simply type "cd /#sh:username localhost" in the mc shell).

Thanks for any hints in advance,

Greetings from Germany


Hans Peter Stroebel <hpstr operamail com>

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