Re: Closing MC closes files and programs.

Hello, Christian!

I use MC to open programs using file associations. One problem
though is that if I close MC the opened file/program also closes. Is
it a way around this? I would like to be able to open i.e. a
StarOffice file, close down MC, and still be able to work in
StarOffice without having MC take it down.

Please always specify the version of the software for which you are
reporting the problem.  Not doing so assumes that all versions (even those
that you have never seen) have the same problem.  It also discourages
developers from making the changes, since the users don't see the
difference anyway.

I have fixed the problem you are describing and committed the change to
CVS.  The snapshot at should have this
problem fixed.

The solution was to run background programs from subshell, i.e. instead of 
this line:

        Open=soffice %f &

the following line should be used:

        Open=(soffice %f &)

This was done for some programs (ee) but not for the others (staroffice).  
Now it's done even for those programs that don't need it (e.g. realplayer) 
so that the future contributors won't make this error again.

Pavel Roskin

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