Re: Proposed default color change

Hi, Alexander!

Thank you for taking time to make all those screenshots. I know that other
terminals have a darker "lightgray".

However, "lightgray" is also used as the foreground color for normal
files, in the editor and in the viewer. I prefer if it's quite bright.

I tested all 16 replacements for the "dialog hot" color, and here's my
impressions for rxvt.

black             not nice, no hotkeys
blue              somewhat hard to see hotkeys
green             acceptable but inconsistent with other dialogs
cyan              low contrast
red               acceptable but slightly annoying
magenta           very inconsistent with other dialogs
brown             low contrast
lightgray         cannot see anything :-)
gray              not nice, hotkeys only seen if bold supported
brightblue        too sloppy
brightgreen       low contrast
brightcyan        low contrast
brightred         acceptable but slightly annoying
brightmagenta     sloppy and inconsistent
yellow            low contrast
white             low contrast

Since nobody has supported me I'm not going to argue anymore, but you may
(or may not) think about the above results.

Pavel Roskin

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