Re: Proposed default color change

Hola Pavel,

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Pavel Roskin wrote:

 [I have a tendency to remove CC's nowadays from messages I deem not
very important; too many complaints from Outlook users :(]

 I made a couple of screenshots [from telnet and the console] and
reduced the blue component both w/ and w/o preserved luminosity to test
this and I can't see the problem there. [I can't test it under X right

Here's a screenshot taken in X and rxvt 2.6.3 in its default color

Can you easily see the dialog title "Listing mode"?
Is it easy for you to read "Ok" on the button?

 Ouch, no, definitely hard to read. [I find your screen hard to read
overall - much too much contrast for my taste.]

 Let me reciprocate: [Look quick... I
have to purge some files very soon; I'm over my puny 10MB quota already
and it hurts...]


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