Re: [PMH] Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.


Such installers are evil.

If you must, make it so that right-click on package and selecting
install automagically installs package. (Double-click on package
should still open it as a .tar file).

Such installers are necessary.

I would not expect my mother to install some set of packages using rpm
from an xterm. How else would you expect to install something like GNOME
when you don't have gnorpm, red-carpet, or nautilus? Installers like
these are required to bootstrap the desktop environment.

We are not talking about bootsrap here. Miguel wants to modify
nautilus, so this is case when you have already Nautilus
installed. Installed nautilus means that you probably have gnorpm
already, right?

Also, double-clicking on a package should not open up a new window as if
it were a tarball. Sure, listing the files along with other package
information is fine, but one should not be able to pull out or
manipulate files from a package as if it were a tarball: it isn't.


.rpm is ugly header + cpio archive.

.deb is ar archive + tar archive.

Looks pretty close to tarball to me.

For things like Loki games or Nautilus, perhaps dedicated installers are
overkill, but they filled a need when things like Red Carpet or apt-get
weren't available. But if installers are evil, they are a necessary

Well, I can tolerate installers for things like RedHat7, where it is
reasonably hard to install by hand. (Still I'm happy with Debian where
intallation *can* be reasonably done by hand).
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