Re: [Nautilus-list] Idea for Nautilus and GMC.


Ideally, we want to avoid this problem in GNOME, and we just want
executables to just work.  As they do in Windows.  

This is a tough one. Perhaps one should qualify this and leave it as-is
(ie, not such fanciness) for root and root-equivalent users to do this
but allow "normal" users to right-click on the file and select something
like "allow me to execute/run this file" and "execute/run this

There should be *no* differences between root users and non-root.

If something is not secure enough for root, it is not secure enough
for me, either. [And btw it is impossible to decide who is root
equivalent. I have ssh public key from root on few systems. That means
I'm root equivalent; but how can gnome decide that?]
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