Re: How to prevent *.tar.gz copy to /tmp in MC

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Gunter Berzler wrote:

Having tried in vain to cope with an MC behavior that I had not been used 
before changing from SuSE-Linux 6.1 to Debian 2.2r2. Since that change-over 
I've noticed that MC writes a temporary mirror image of any *.gz file that 
is marked in file manager to /tmp. Such files eventually clog my 
tmp-directory unless I erase them from there, because MC does _not_ do that 
automatically upon termination (as I would have expected).
This phenomenon does not occur with the SuSE setup.

 What version of mc? Works fine here on my Debian box, mc 4.5.42:

% mc
<I open tomsrtbt-1.7.343.tar.gz and mcview a file>
% ls -l /tmp
total 2040
-rw-------    1 bjorn    bjorn     2083328 May 16 14:03 sfsi7rnVT
% exit
% ls -l /tmp
total 0

Another - yet not so important - matter concerns the fact that MC does not 
start in color mode unless parameter -c is added at command line. Is there 
a specific entry I could make in /etc/mc/mc.ini that would automate that?
This is my present (dafault) entry concerning colors.

 Works fine here, what $TERM are you using? (Why not do a "alias mc='mc
-c'"? Or, better, modify and use the alias-script from the manpage)


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