Re: Update.

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Tomasz!

  * Updating documentation: we need to update the docs to
          reflect the location of the mailing lists, the web page (old
          or new) and drop the mc.sgml file (which was never actually

IMHO it will be better keep SGML/XML file as source all documentation.
Also man pages. I can prepere this (if You allow me :).

Actually, what should be done is a converter from the manpage to SGML and

Do you anything about good roff to SGML converter ? I don't belive it is
possible but always is possible from SGML to roff ot any other format.

It should preserve the links in the manpage. The links are actually
hints for man2hlp, generator of the helpfile - they are implemented as
comments with the word "LINK2".

In long time it will be good drop current implemetation help system in
mc. Why ? because in current implemetation isn't possible make them
i18nable. Idont know kow it must look but also for this resources it will
be good keep all source form in XML/SGML.
Also I don't know is it good idea use man page for chain them to help

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