FAQs and incomplete reports.

On Sun, 22 Jul 2001, Pavel Roskin wrote:

You forgot to mention the MC version and the OS name.  Just imagine
somebody reporting a problem in _your_ software without telling you the
version and the OS it's running on!

To list subscribers: what should we do about such messages?  It's getting
increasingly annoying, and I'm sorry for adding the messages with "my
frequently asked questions" to the list traffic.  Moving those question to
the private discussion is not a good idea - interesting facts in the end
of the discussion don't appear on the list.  On the other hand, it's
better to educate people than to ignore them.  Is there any good FAQ
describing how to report software problems?

 I suggest we share the task of replying (to incomplete messages and
FAQs) amongst us. Anyone feeling in a good mood and up to the task could
send off a quick reply.

 I'm game, but not on weekends. [Trying to cut down on email...]


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