Re: "Cannot chmod target file"

Hi, Alexander!

Although you are right, I'd like to know if this is fixed in current
versions of MC?

Yes, the problem exists in the CVS version on Linux.  But it's not
specific to the permissions.  Other errors also cannot be ignored for the
future operations, for example "Cannot create target symlink"

Looking into file.c I see that all those messages are produced by the
function file_error() that doesn't take "FileOpContext *ctx" as an
argument.  Therefore, it cannot change the context of the operation.

The fix would be to have separate flags for every error (e.g.
FILE_IGNORE_CHMOD, FILE_IGNORE_SYMLINK etc) in the ctx structure and
change file_error() to update them if the user so requests.

Maybe we need a button "Ignore all errors", but some errors are too
dangerous to ignore, for instance "cannot write file".

Another solution would be to recognize FAT filesystems and specifically
ignore such errors as "cannot chmod".  However, it's still better to warn
user about failed symlinks.

Pavel Roskin

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