Re: bugreports and wishitems

Pavel Roskin wrote:

I greater details my plan is:

                    fix severe bugs
                    4.5.55 (August 2001)
                        /      \
  integrate with GNOME 2.0    improve VFS, editor, settings
       stabilize GMC          Automake for all makefiles
           |                  strip GNOME code
  4.5.56 (November 2001)          |
           |                   4.6 (December 2001)-----------
     minimal bugfixes             |                          \
           |                 integrate terminal, shell    bugfixes
  4.5.57 (with GNOME 2.0)    new VFS?                         |
                                  |                     4.6.1, 4.6.2 ...
                              4.7.0, 4.7.1, ...

  I think this might be confusing, or I am confused,
because I have already down loaded:

mc-4.5.9.tar.gz                        1904655         Jul 10 22:56

from   (but it failed compiling, with errors here)

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