Re: bugreports and wishitems

Hi, Ron!

  I think this might be confusing, or I am confused,
because I have already down loaded:

mc-4.5.9.tar.gz                        1904655         Jul 10 22:56

from   (but it failed compiling, with errors here)

Fist of all, don't be confused by the date.  Look at the timestamps inside
- it's from January 18, 1999.

Actually, you didn't say what exactly in my plan is confusing and why - I
must guess for you.  I believe that there may be reasonable arguments to
challenge my suggestions, but you didn't give any.

I would like to make versioning of MC similar to that of Linux, i.e. the
middle number denotes whether the branch is stable or not.  Rxvt is using
this notation and it seems that s-lang is moving in that direction.
GNOME and Gtk+ are using it.

4.5.x are made from the CVS head branch.  4.6 will be similar to 4.5.55,
just without GMC.  Since we are not doing any risky things now, one could
believe that 4.6 will be reasonably stable.  4.6.x will be cut off the
stable branch.  4.7.x will continue on the head.

This notation has not been used before, but I see no problem with it if
it's exlained clearly.

Pavel Roskin

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