Re: How to Get Top level menus to open (Left, File, Options, Comand, Right)?

Hi, Richard!

I'm using mc 4.5.0 (at the moment because I can't resolve the GLIB problem
right now) on RedHat 6.2 i86 and I'm using two different ssh terminals
(putty and SecureCRT) that go through gateways to get to the system that
hosts mc.

RedHat 6.2 comes with glib-1.2.6 and mc-4.5.42.  It's much better than
mc-4.5.0.  Install them from the distribution.

When I run mc from a Gnome XTerm, everything works fine of course. But in
general from the remote terminals, I am not getting X or Mouse actions.

1.  How do I get the "Left" menu - or any of the other menus to open without
the mouse working?  I can't use function keys.  I can't use Alt-Tab because
that's Windows. I can use any control key.  I can use Esc, and I seem to be
able to use Alt keys.

Esc-1 is F1, Esc-2 is F2, ... Esc-9 is F9 and Esc-0 is F10.

Just press Esc, release it, then press the number.

2.  Are you familiar with these or other ASCII terminal emulators?
o  It's unlikely that I can get either of these to perform X Server funtions
on their own - although SecureCRT claims to have X11 forwarding capability
(if you have another X Server).

You should be able to redefine keys in MC by using "learn keys" in the

o  In Putty, when I turn XTerm mouse actions on, it does highlight each of
the top level menu names and it also highlights the scrollbar - but the
menus fail to open and the scroll bar doesn't scroll.  For instance, if I
click on the word "Left" and then click the center button five times, the
command prompt line reads:

    bash$ LeftLeftLeftLeftLeft

Mouse doesn't work over telnet/rsh/ssh.

3.  I can't map keys to get the menus to open either because I can't get the
Options menu open in the first place to get to the key mapping capability.

Esc 9 O K

4.  Is there a complete list of all keyboard actions somewhere?  I've
learned quite a bit by hunting around - such as the miraculous Alt-? which
allegedly does a tree fgrep search. But *not* how to get top level menus

It's not fgrep, it's egrep.  You can search for things like `(foo|bar)'
(i.e. `foo' or `bar').

We probably need shortcuts for the menu and "learn keys" in the future
versions.  Also escape sequences for F11-F20 should be added.

5.  Is there a FAQ that applies to using mc (and/or similar programs) with
terminal emulators?

File named `FAQ' in the MC sources is exactly that.  It's a bit outdated,
but it does document Esc-number sequences.

MC is is miraculous in it's appearance similarity to Norton - on putty for
instance, when I start it with mc -c.  It looks just like it should.  I just
wish I could press Alt-F or something and have the File menu open up...

I agree, MC should use more shortcuts.  But support for Alt-F would be
inconsistent - Alt-C won't open "Commands" because it's already taken for
"Quick cd".

Pavel Roskin

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