How Duplicate SourceForge Black on White Midnight Commander?

When I run Midnight Commander (version 4.5.51) on Konsole on my Mandrake
7.2 system, I get what I assume are the normal colors (much of it is
white (or less white) text on a blue background).  It is hard for me to

When I run Midnight Commander (version 4.5.42) on Konsole via SSH from
SourceForge, the text is black on a white background, and very easy for
me to read.

I've been trying to get the same results running my local version of MC
(4.5.51) -- I've tried:
   * the -b option (which produces white (or less white) text on a black
background which is still hard to read)
   * I downloaded the mc.lib file from SourceForge (/usr/lib/mc), put it
in my /usr/lib/mc, and deleted (renamed) my ini file from ~/.mc, but I
still get the white text on blue background.

I've looked at the mc.lib file from SourceForge, I see nothing about
colors.  There is no ini file in my ~/.mc on SourceForge.

Can anybody explain why MC when run from SourceForge produces the black
text on white background, or how I can duplicate that on my MC?

Or, is there a file somewhere with the colors set to deliver black text
on a white background?  (I've spent a little time trying to fool with
the color settings (-C normal=black,white:selected...), but there are a
ton of options to fool with.

I've tried various Google searches, including, for example
[ mc sourceforge], but haven't found anything that
helps me.

Randy Kramer

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