Re: How Duplicate SourceForge Black on White Midnight Commander?

Hi, Randy!

When I run Midnight Commander (version 4.5.42) on Konsole via SSH from
SourceForge, the text is black on a white background, and very easy for
me to read.

I've been trying to get the same results running my local version of MC
(4.5.51) -- I've tried:
   * the -b option (which produces white (or less white) text on a black
background which is still hard to read)

I don't have ssh access to Sourceforge, but the easiest solution would be
to setup Konsole to always show black text on white background.  Then "mc
-b" would do the trick.

   * I downloaded the mc.lib file from SourceForge (/usr/lib/mc), put it
in my /usr/lib/mc, and deleted (renamed) my ini file from ~/.mc, but I
still get the white text on blue background.

mc.lib is irrelevant.  It is only used for the "learn key" feature.  
However, this limitation was documented in more recent versions of MC than
the one you are using.

Can anybody explain why MC when run from SourceForge produces the black
text on white background, or how I can duplicate that on my MC?

Maybe it has MC_COLOR_TABLE environment variable set?  If you are not 
running MC, what is the background and forground?

Pavel Roskin

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