Re: New website and ftp server

Hi, FrИdИric!

There's welcome.msg and welcome2.msg. I probably receive the
latter because I don't have reverse DNS.

First of all, resolves to 2 different ip addresses: ( and

Only welcome.msg mentions "CodeFactory AB".  It also has some ANSI 
sequences to highlight the big "ACE" banner.

I only have addresses with reverse DNS and I always get welcome.msg.  The 
greeting in Swedish is apparently not a port of either welcome.msg or 

You may want to contact ftpmaster gnome org if you have any problems.  It 
makes no sence to discuss it between us.

Anyway, I don't know why people from Brazil are always
redirected to some Swedish server.

Well, because all IP addresses associated with are hosted in
Sweden.  It's quite hard to make DNS reply differently dependent on the
one location of the client.  Akamai provides this service (I think so,
their site lacks any details).  But even the FTP server of the Linux
kernel doesn't use this technology (as far as I know) - users have to
choose mirrors themselves.

Pavel Roskin

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