Re: New website and ftp server

Hi, Andrew and Miguel!

Well, I will remail you a letter from Miguel some later.  As far as I
remember I sent it to you privately but you did not answer me.

I'm sorry.  I must have missed that e-mail.  Everything is fine now.  I
have updated LATEST-IS (but it hasn't propagated to when I'm
writing it).  I'll probably upload the snapshots there if I find an
appropriate directory ("stable" in the path may be misleading).

Unfortunately, reusing the directory structure of can make 
some people think that MC is a GNOME program, especially if I put 
snapshots to /ftp/pub/GNOME/testing.  I need to think more about it.

2) Slowliness of (it redirects to a site in Sweden).  I had 
reports from Eupore that is faster than, even 
though the former is in the United States.

I have no problem with from Ukraine but one is German/Sweden message.
One time I even tninked is hacked.

There is no German message there.  But there is an interesting 
English message there:

This ftp server belongs to ACC and the disk space is generously sponsored
by South Pole AB and CodeFactory AB.
Please use whenever possible.

I think it's quite unfortunate to see that doen't belong to
the GNOME project.

By the way, could you please explain what was "terrible" and why do you 
think that the location was changed twice?  I would like to be aware of 
possible problems.

Firstly last release had moved to,
and now it is going to  Some people are waiting for "stabilization"
in this question.  And some days ago I sow a book in Moscow with hardcoded
mc's source location.

I see.  You mentioned that the location changed twice in one _week_,
perhaps you meant one year.  If you want stabilization, don't use any URLs
containing "gnome".  MC is not a GNOME project.  It's using some GNOME
resources because its developers cannot afford running a separate server.

Short answer - use

Pavel Roskin

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