[MC BUG]-F4 creates files that it shouldn't


 Edit command (f4) in tar archives  creates files in the directory


 Open mc ;)

 In the left/right panel - open any dir writable by yourself

 In the other panel - tap enter on any tar/tar.gz archive that has subdirs

 Now try to  edit (f4) such directory. You get an error message. That's OK

 Clear the error box by tapping ESC twice (That's what I used to do)

 Voila - in the other panel a file is created (zerosized, named as the directory
 from the archive that you have just tried to open.)


 Security: I am not a security guy but I think it might be relevant.
 EaseOfUse: Annoying. 


Michal "Mikey" Szwaczko
The GNU has possessed me.

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