Re: OS/2 port

Hi, Anton!

3) It should be possible to compile MC with EMX using standard sources and 
build process (configure; make) - like the Cygwin port.

Interesting.  That didn't work for me and I assumed that was why there 
was an EMX-specific Makefile.  I'll look more closely at it.

You should try in with the latest snapshot from

It uses CVS version of Autoconf that has improved support for OS/2.  
Please give more specific details when reporting problems.

The EMX-specific Makefile exists to compile MC with the files from the 
"pc" directory that provide additional support for "pc features" such as 
drives and DOS-style permissions.

If anybody wants to work on the OS/2 port (I mean fixing the problems, not 
just testing) please speak out now.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough to be much help.  It would be nice 
if someone from the UnixOS2 project at would get involved. 

Anyway, your e-mail saves the OS/2 support for now (until mc-4.6).

Pavel Roskin

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