OS/2 port


I'm going to remove the remains of the OS/2 port of GNU Midnight Commander 
from the current sources.  The reasons are:

1) OS/2 has lost most of it's userbase.  This is sad, but please blame 
IBM, not me.

2) There are at least two nc-like filemanagers for OS/2 - File Commander/2 
(http://silk.apana.org.au/fc.html) and OS/2 Commander 
(http://www.reinfeld.de/os2com/), both shareware.  I don't think that the 
remaining OS/2 users care about licence too much.

3) It should be possible to compile MC with EMX using standard sources and 
build process (configure; make) - like the Cygwin port.

4) There are people who want to revive the Win32 port of MC and the OS/2 
port stands in the way because they share a lot of code.  Leaving the OS/2 
code without keeping it in-sync with the Win32-specific changes would mean 
making it dead code that will never be used.

If anybody wants to work on the OS/2 port (I mean fixing the problems, not 
just testing) please speak out now.

Pavel Roskin

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