Re: mc on cray unicos

Hi, Christian!

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001, Christian Ott wrote:

$MCDIR, $NCURSESDIR, $GLIBDIR depend - of course - on your environment. I
used ncurses-5.2 and glib-1.2.10 (newer version wouldn't compile).

You may want to report compile problems to the respective maintainers 
indead of shoving all that information here.

By the way, I'm wondering why you decided to use ncurses.  Did you try to
compile MC with the included S-Lang library?

I turned of vfs, as there seems to be a problem with integer types (as
mentioned before - I'll look at this in more detail later on). Of course,
you don't need Samba on a Cray ;)

If you have a problem with vfs _without_ samba then it must be something 
else and I would like to know more about it.

You may now add Cray/T3E Unicos to the list of supported systems :)

I'll not do it and it's not funny.

A system is supported if the software compiles without any modifications 
(mountlist) or forced configure options (--without-vfs).

Unlike non-free software, free software developers care not only about
binaries, but also about the availability of the source to everebody.  If
the users cannot compile MC on Cray and you give them the binaries, they
don't have the complete source for those binaries.

Pavel Roskin

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