Re: mc on cray unicos

Hi, Christian!

  I am using 4.5.55. Thanks for the mountlist - tip! I'll try that.
  One other thing: Cray machines don't support int16's - hence I 
  changed all int16's (gint16/guint16) to int32's - do you see
  any problem with that?

It may be a problem.  If int16 is used then there must be a reason for 
that datatype to be 16 bit wide, e.g. it's transmitted over the net as two 

However, I only see it used in the Samba FS support files which are not 
used by default, so you should not have this problem.

On the other hand, I see may instances of int16 is glib-1.2.10.  In
several cases its use is not justified, e.g. days_in_year should be using
"short" or even "int" because memory saving is not significant (a few
bytes), but time saving may be significant on some processors without
16-bit arithmetics, especially if date-related functions are used a lot
(think a database with millions of records).

If you mean the problem in glib you should ideally ask the glib team - 
they can actually _fix_ something in glib, unlike me.

I would probably try to remove all 16-bit macros, such as 
GUINT16_SWAP_LE_BE, since they are provided to the user and not used in 
the code.  It should be safe to replace other instances of int16 with 
short and uint16 with unsigned short respectively.

By the way, you could report problems with mountlist in more details, so 
that they are fixed, not worked around.

Pavel Roskin

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