Re: mc on cray unicos

Hi Pavel!

  I am using 4.5.55. Thanks for the mountlist - tip! I'll try that.
  One other thing: Cray machines don't support int16's - hence I 
  changed all int16's (gint16/guint16) to int32's - do you see
  any problem with that?

  Sorry. I am sort of a green horn in terms of porting software...


On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Christian!

I am currently trying to port the text-mode-mc to cray/unicos on a cray
T3E - does anyone have experience with unicos and mc or has even compiled
mc on a cray machine?

I have never seen a cray machine, but I hope you will succeed.

I was able to get ncurses and glib compiled with the cray compiler (gcc is
not installed/not working) I had to change some data types and I am right
now struggeling with system specifics required for mountlist.c.

Any suggestions/hints/tips?

First of all, specify version of MC.  It's getting very annoying that so 
many people don't consider it important.

If you are using version 4.5.55 or the development snapshot you should be 
able to avoid all problems with mountlist.c by commenting out 
HAVE_INFOMOUNT_LIST in config.h - this would disable the info screen but 
will hopefully allow you to compile MC.

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